Create, edit and share virtual tours for your real estate

Reduce unnecessary visits with 360º tours


Tour editor

Customize virtual tours easily.

Interactive images

Highlight your properties with 360º images.

Instant videos

Automatically generate videos of your properties.

Live tours beta

Make visits by telepresence.

Simple analytics

View the results of the visits in real time.

100% Compatible

Publish on real estate showcases and on your website.

Improve your customers' buying experience, accelerate the selling process and make remote visits at any time

Interactive images

Remote Assisted Tour

Our technology is compatible for web, tablet and mobile

Interactive images

Open House

Make private calls or open house online with unlimited public

How it works?

Create virtual tours in three easy steps.
Take photos from every stance of the property with the 360 camera.

1 · Capture 360-degree photos

Take pictures of each room with any 360 ° camera with a single shot. Discover our 360º camera by clicking.

Upload the 360 photos to Floorfy and set up the tour in less than 5 minutes.

2 · Configure the virtual tour

Upload the images to the editor, add hotspots, information points and configure the automatic route in a few minutes.

You already have the virtual tour. Share it with your leads from anyhwere.

3 · Publish and export

You already have the virtual tour ready to export to your website. Show it to your customers anytime and from anywhere.

Virtual tours

Our technology is designed for the virtualization of buildings of all kinds.