Are you looking for new ways to attract clients to your real estate agency, do you want to improve your services, are you looking for a practical and simple way to manage your properties? The real estate market is one of the most active sectors, and not being aware of the needs and what your clients are looking for in an agency can mean that you lose them or that they don’t arrange an appointment. Have you heard about ‘virtual tours’?


1. What do virtual tours consist of?

2. Advantages of virtual tours

3. More efficient, rapid and resolute management for agencies

1. What does the virtual tour of the property consist of?

The virtual tour of the property is a set of images taken by professional 360º cameras which are later processed by an editing program to integrate them into a tour of the property, which can be taken from any corner and device. In this way, the high-quality images that professional real estate agencies used to use as their most potent resource together with the video tours of their properties, go one step further and become detailed reproductions of the property.

Thus, by means of an immersive virtual real estate visit, not only can we see each corner in a precise way and arrange it sequentially, but we can also locate each image in a realistic way, as if we were actually visiting the house, with the particularity that by doing it from a device, we can recreate ourselves in each visualization without losing any detail of what arouses our interest.

2. Advantages of the virtual tour of the property

The main advantages of the virtual real estate tour were already apparent in its definition: as it is an exact reproduction of reality (since it is not simulated as can happen with other virtual elements: it is collected as it is by means of images), it breaks down two of the most important barriers that we encounter when agencies show flats for rent or sale:

The need to go to the property: 

No matter how complete the images we have of a property are or even if we have included a video in the file, the procedure of visiting it “in situ” is necessary so that the interested clients can check the veracity of what is shown by themselves along with other factors not tangible from the web such as the luminosity, the distribution of light, etc.

The need to show it in a specific time:

 This verification, which, for the greater satisfaction of the possible tenants, should be done in optimum time and conditions, normally takes place in batches of no more than 15 – 30 minutes between overlapping visits that last hours and hours, producing wear and tear on the agent and on which factors such as the time of day may have a negative influence.

Both barriers, which have been unbreakable up to now, have their practical solution in the immersive tours for real estate agencies, as they are available from the web, the client can see them at any time, from any place and enjoy them as long as they need. In case of doubts, they can be solved directly with the agent by the means that the agency sees fit (telephone, chat, mail or in the office itself). The tour can even be carried out with the agent by videoconference, increasing the level of information.

3. More efficient, quicker and more decisive management for agencies

Thus, the advantages offered by the virtual real estate tour are not only aimed at satisfying the client’s needs in terms of information and time, but also at incorporating the agency as a practical property management tool.

Virtual real estate tours do not replace visits to the property, which will still be necessary for the client, who obviously does not want to “buy blindly”, but they do put an end to unproductive visits and use them as a filter.

Any client who has made use of the 360º virtual tours will clearly have all the information necessary to know if the property is within their rental or purchase prospects, so they will not arrange a visit to it without being certain that there are many possibilities of it becoming their home.

In this way, the agency that applies virtual tour software will eliminate unproductive lost hours that previously were dedicated to showing the same flat over and over again to clients who, had they known certain specifications of the property, would not have wanted to visit it.All that time saved can be dedicated to closing sales in clients who have passed the filter by means of the virtual tour or by managing the analytical information that these tools also offer and using it to direct each property to the appropriate public and, with it, increasing the probabilities of successful sales.