Publishing virtual tours on Idealista


2. How to publish virtual tours on idealista in 4 steps
3. Why are virtual tours important for real estate agencies?
4. Why are virtual tours such a powerful marketing tool?
5. Comparison of cameras

1. Introduction

Virtual tours are increasingly used by real estate agencies. Although it is not yet possible to upload these tours to all real estate portals, more and more are offering this possibility due to their incredible advantages. Discover virtual tours on Idealista.

Idealista covers as many services as possible in order to offer a better customer service. Setting itself ahead of its competitors, this portal allows you to incorporate these tours into your website, to enhance the visits to your property. Moreover, during lockdown, this real estate portal has activated the “virtual visit” filter to facilitate the search for users. 

2. How to publish virtual tours on idealista in 4 steps

1. Log in to Idealista or if you don’t have an account yet, register.

2. Contact your manager to find out which multimedia products Idealista offers you.

3. Once you understand the services and products offered by Idealista, enter your property details.

4. Once inside, go to multimedia, and all you have to do is include the tour link in the “multimedia link”.

Once you have done this, you will see the details of your advert in idealista and on your website.

We hope you now know how to publish virtual tours on Idealista. Remember, you can only include one virtual tour per property.

3. Why are virtual tours important for real estate agencies?

More and more users are basing their decision-making on what they see on the Internet. That is why companies are looking for actions that allow them to create a closer link with their potential clients. There are many reasons for incorporating virtual tours in real estate portals. Virtual tours make those interested in your real estate agency’s properties confident that the services you offer will turn out to be just as they expect. In this way, you will reassure parties about their previous doubts.

Websites that include virtual tours get a better positioning in Google. Therefore, if you have this technology, you will get your company to be among the first in the sector.

Moreover, they will be able to view your property portfolio from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day without having to worry, so that you can show them your own flat.

On the other hand, you will avoid unnecessary travelling expenses and you will save a great deal of time, being able to carry on with other tasks.

There is a study that reveals that the use of virtual tours increases the chances of users between 18 and 34 years old making a reservation after taking the virtual tour by  130%.

4. Why are virtual tours such a powerful marketing tool?

Virtual tours are a great tool for effective real estate marketing. Virtual tours, unlike photographs, place potential customers inside the property, offering them the ability to interact with it . In this way, when they immerse themselves in the property they are viewing, they can check the sensations it conveys.

KICA (Knowledge, Interest, Consideration, Action)

Knowledge: Customers are aware of the existence of your products and services.

Interest: Some users who know you are curious about your brand.

Consideration: They value you as an option for their needs.

Action: Users become part of your database: they register onto your website, make a purchase, ask you about something…

A virtual tour offers the opportunity to obtain much more visibility on the Internet, standing out from the competition and acquiring a privileged position in search engines. Companies that have implemented the virtual tour have increased their web traffic by up to 30%.

5. Comparison of cameras

The best value for money cameras are those sold by Ricoh Theta. In FLOORFY we offer these 3 cameras produced by Ricoh Theta in line with prospects for 2019. Does your real estate agency own one of them?

Ricoh Theta SC2

This camera has 12 MP for images and 1080p for video. It also offers the option of working via a wifi network and capturing 260 photos. It also has the ability to vary the shutter speed, automatically adjusting the treatment and balance of white tones and light.

Here you can see a tour of the Ricoh Theta SC2.

Ricoh Theta V

This camera offers superior quality than the previous one. It has 14 MP for images and 4k for videos. It stands out for its speed in taking pictures and the remarkable improvement in quality of its 360-degree videos.

Here you can see a tour of the Ricoh Theta V camera.

Ricoh Theta Z1

The Theta Z1 provides users with ease of use and high performance. With an innovative noise reduction technology, it naturally records 360° images even in low light environments.

With 23 MP in images and 4k in 360° video, this camera offers superior quality and a clear image. It also lets you share live 4k recordings and save your 360° images in RAW or JPEG format.

Here you can see a tour of the Ricoh Theta Z1 camera.

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