Nowadays we have little time to visit flats if we are looking to rent or buy a property. Office hours and day-to-day obligations prevent us from spending enough time looking for a property. This is where virtual reality comes in.

Nowadays there are tools that allow you to make virtual tours for the sale or rent of flats, which can dramatically  increase the possibilities of selling or renting your home. 

From this type of interface you can easily interact with the property by walking through it as if you were there and stopping to see details. This technology is changing marketing in the real estate sector as we know it.

Some of the advantages offered by virtual reality tours include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary visits to the property, as well as unnecessary trips.
  • Improving the image of the properties and increasing access to a large number of people interested in renting or selling properties.
  • Being able to observe the details of the property and its distribution in just a few clicks.

When renting or buying a home it is necessary to know as many details as possible about it. Thanks to virtual reality it is possible to make an effective decision without having to leave your home.

In addition, it is possible to publish a 360º tour of your home in a few hours, share it through a link and in this way access a greater number of clients. People interested in a 360º visit can move freely around the property, see it from different angles all through their smartphone, computer or tablet.

Likewise, the virtual visit permits you to obtain the plans and dimensions of the whole property, allowing the potential clients to get an idea of the composition of the property and the most relevant aspects of it.

In this way, time can be saved when renting or buying a home, since you can see several homes in what would take you a long time to move around and see only one. Moreover, consumers can make better decisions when renting or buying a property since, thanks to virtual reality, useful information can be provided to buyers. The visit can be carried out in the company of their relatives, which means that including family members in the decision-making process is another of the advantages of 360º visits.

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