Floorfy has pioneered a technological real estate solution that has stabilised the housing market during Covid-19

Article – Floory introduce video calls combined with 3D virtual tours so potential buyers or tenants can visit their future homes without having to move an inch from their location. This initiative by Floorfy has stabilised the housing market by facilitating property visitations during the lockdown. Since the start of the pandemic, the clientele of the company has risen by 50%.

With 35,000 to 45,000 properties virtualised through its virtual tour software, Floorfy estimates that it has generated more than 4 million virtual tours thanks to its technological solution. Among their clients are estate agents, investors and ,more recently, estate agent portals like Idealista, Fotocasa or Habitaclia who, through Floorfy’s software, have discovered a way out of the crisis.


Their clientele has increased by 50% during the pandemic.

“We had already been working on the technology before Covid-19 and we launched it just when the pandemic first started,” explains Sergi Jiménez, founder of Floorfy along with Carles Parera and Daniel Sorinas. Until that moment, the start-up specialised in 3D tours, generated from 360º images, only without including visits through videocalls. Jiménez assures that virtual tours reduce physical visits by 70%, consequentially saving time and money.

The founders wish to take out a loan of one million euros in order to branch out across Europe.

Created at the start of 2016, this up-and-coming business operates throughout all of Spain and 6 Latin America countries. With the purpose of expanding throughout Europe, the founders are negotiating their second funding round of one million euros.


The first round consisted of 125,000 euros, some of which was provided by Wayra Spain, Telefónica’s innovation hub.

Based in Barcelona and with 33 employees, Floorfy believes that they will have made a turnover of a million euros by the end of 2020. The start-up also estimates that by 2025, the majority of visits on online estate agent portals will be made through virtualised properties.