The new trends in real estate marketing are one of the best indicators of how you can sell, but also buy and rent a property nowadays. For this reason, having up-to-date resources such as marketing software that can inform us about user preferences is vital to stand out in such a competitive environment.

In a market as active and versatile as this one, we cannot afford to go unnoticed and lose sight of the new technical tools that facilitate transactions. It is not only a matter of giving a new and updated image (which also applies), but also of gaining in agility and comfort for both our clients and our agents.

But not only because of how they make our teams more efficient, but also because this is what the client demands. And if we are not able to offer you what you are looking for, you will end up with the competition. It’s time to invest in technology and these are the most recommended assets.

Technology that is revolutionising real estate marketing software

Virtual Reality Software

This solution helps to facilitate virtual visits and, therefore, to speed up the processes with the client, who does not have to travel to see properties. Virtual reality consists of glasses that reproduce images through specific virtual tour software. This means that they do not have to juggle organising personal visits to the properties and the user – in a totally pioneering way – is able to appreciate what each of the houses is like in great detail without moving from their chair.

Today it is one of the best investments a real estate agency can make, not only because of its management advantages but also because it positions itself in the market as innovative and superior.


This a convenient method and form of contact communication that is increasingly in demand. Video calls save on travel, and therefore time, as well as resolving the clients’ doubts from anywhere and at anytime: two of the optimum factors we previously listed when incorporating new technology for real estate agencies.

In addition, video conferences can be integrated into other solutions to make them even more effective. This is the case of incorporating them into virtual tours. At the same time as you show them the property, you can talk or connect remotely with the clients or even with another member of the family who cannot or has not been able to be present at the physical visit of the property.

Another advantage of videoconferencing is that it can be used by several clients at the same time, allowing you to show the same property to several interested parties, as a group appointment. What previously would have taken us an entire afternoon or several afternoons, we can now solve in a couple of minutes.

Contact management

Through professional software, each real estate agent is autonomous. It is possible to create 360 degree images and virtual tours like the ones mentioned above without depending on third parties. This way the attention is more encompassing, personal and above all the agent is able to put the efforts in the operations that are more worthwhile and where he sees more possibilities of a sale.

Thanks to digitalisation we have access to more data and information which, in short, is what we need to make the right decisions and know where to invest at any given time within our real estate marketing strategy. Obtain statistics on clients, visits, operations… and thus improve processes.

Is your agency ready to adopt a new way of selling properties?