Appointments with clients, constant travelling, endless calls and emails to be dealt with, a pile of documents to be processed every day. Being a good real estate professional is a complex task. For this reason, we wanted to do our bit and compile 7 applications for estate agents to help make their hectic day-to-day life more practical and bearable.


1. Next Visit

2. DocuSign

3. STValora

4. Evernote Scannable

5. Diptic

6. Sun Seeker

7. Floorfy

1. Next Visit

This application developed by fotocasa provides the first intelligent tool for real estate agents, fully focused on facilitating their daily work by providing solutions that simplify their day-to-day work (available on both iOS and Android). 

What advantages does Next Visit offer?

  • Take the office with you on your mobile: with a full schedule of visits, synchronisation with Google Calendar and with the agency’s content manager.
  • Search for the characteristics of a property in less time: since you have all the information that customers want to know about the property in the palm of your hand.
  • Look for additional information about the property easily: you can get information about everything that involves the property (schools, shops, public transport, etc.), in order to offer a complete and quality advice to each client.
  • Access your entire property portfolio: from anywhere and at any time.

2. Docusign 

With more than 200 million users worldwide, this well-known application has made day-to-day life easier for all kinds of people from all sectors of society and, of course, it is worth highlighting it among the applications for estate agents that can speed up their daily bureaucratic procedures

What can you do with DocuSign?

  • Sign documents anywhere and from any device, whether mobile or tablet.
  • Send documents by email for immediate signature and return.
  • Bring more security to your documents with DocuSign’s automatic encryption and a complete audit trail.

3. STValora

STValora is one of the most interesting and specific applications for estate agents on the list. Available in iOS and Android, it is an online channel for appraisals and property information from ST-Assessment Society that allows you to consult the value of properties in a given area and, by filling in a simple form, to make an approximate assessment of the property you are interested in, wherever you are. 

Property values lets you view the 6 property values (collected by ST-Assessment Society) closest to your current location or in a selected area, so that you can get an idea of the price range in which nearby properties are being assessed, as well as their characteristics. 

In addition, STValora offers the first 5 appraisals free of charge so that you can try out the application.

4. Evernote Scannable

This unique iOS application allows you to scan all types of physical documents (prescriptions, invoices, contract cards, etc.) and then easily store or share them.

With a simple, visual interface, Evernote Scannable not only saves you time and paper, but also offers services such as moving the information from the scanned business cards directly to contacts so you can send them a message or call them instantly.

5. Diptic

Integrated with DropBox (a cloud-based file storage service), Diptic is an application available on both iOS and Android platforms that allows users to make collages and photo montages. But what can this application offer you?

Diptic also allows you to create fantastic images that slide in with a “before and after” effect, being an original and useful resource that can be used to show the finishes that a property that is awaiting renovation or is still in the process of being renovated will have.

6. Sunseeker

Sun Seeker, also available on Android and iOS, gives you data on sunrise and sunset times for the area you are in, thus being a very practical tool when planning and carrying out our day-to-day work as real estate professionals.

With this application we will be able to advise the owners of the properties about the hours with the most natural light of the day so that they can photograph them comfortably. In addition, you can use Sun Seeker as an extra source of information when preparing your script for a viewing.

For example, mentioning  the great amount of natural light that enters the kitchen in the morning can be a fact that makes the clients feel more confident in the seller. You can count on the fact that even if they do not buy that property, they can buy another one that has been shown to them by the same real estate agent or professional in whom they trust.

7. Floorfy

Floorfy’s real estate professionals application, available for both iOs and Android devices, is a platform that will allow you to easily create, visualize and control the 360º virtual tours you take wherever you are.

By logging in with your email, the application allows you to review the plan you have hired, view the published properties, organize the pictures you take of the properties according to their type (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) and control all the aspects related to your virtual tours.

The software also includes an innovative feature that enables you to have a videoconference with a professional agent who can guide you through your virtual tour, all from the comforts of your home.