Marketing and sales techniques have been adapting within the digital world for years, and it is no different in the real estate sector. The user communicates through the Internet and expects their environment to be fully functionable with the latest technology. That is why it is essential that agencies and APIs, regardless of their size, are familiar with new approaches to selling properties digitally.

Quality content is a natural way to reach our audience which consists of owners who want to sell their properties and those who want to buy a new property, or rent it.

In this sense, video content or high-quality images are good allies. The use of digital approaches to selling properties facilitates the sale of properties at a digital level on a realistic scale, helps to better manage the team’s time and offers a better customer service.

The 3 digital approaches to selling more properties:

Digital transformations in the real estate sector are a daily phenomenon and the new virtual reality tools and softwares that facilitate remote visits are becoming increasingly important. These are the 3 best digital approaches to selling properties quickly and conveniently for clients and agencies.

  • Use of “big data“:

The sector has been immersed in a profound process of digitalisation for decades. The systematic use of data through artificial intelligence and professionals capable of translating this information will change the way in which properties are searched for and shown. Thanks to the data we will be able to define which areas interest us most, make shortlists, compare them in real time and, in short, make better decisions in front of a screen, without having to travel or spend hours and hours visiting one property or another.

  • Virtual reality:

There are already developments on the market that allow any real estate agency to offer services associated with augmented reality, without making large investments. With the Floorfy software, every agent can count on a 360°camera to create virtual tours by themselves, assemble them with the Floorfy software and upload them to the agency website or to the real estate portals they operate with. You can also “walk” through the flats you like the most without moving from the office. This is all thanks to virtual reality headsets that offer a totally immersive experience and through which you can see rooms, spaces, light and finishes…almost as if you were really there.

  • Video marketing:

As individuals we are great consumers of audio-visual content. We do it on the TV, mobile, computer while streaming and watching series…Taking this a step further, as a brand we can offer the end user interactive videos and content with which they can make decisions, move around, see more in detail and ask for more information.

Every small investment in new technologies will be a big step towards optimising resources and generating a powerful brand that rises above its competitors and remains consistently modern in the long term.