2. Techniques and tools that increase the chances of renting out a property

2.1. Publication in real estate portals

2.2. Publication in social networks

2.3. Include virtual tours

2.4. Resolving doubts at a distance

2.5. Optimising visits

1. Introduction

As an agency, our maxim is to increase the possibilities of renting out a property, so that the owner is satisfied with our fast management while our real estate agency maintains a continuous flow of properties without them accumulating in the portfolio and taking up the time of agents in visits and promotions.

To do this, it is not enough to offer them maximum visibility of the property, but also to advertise the property extensively with tools and techniques to find the best tenant in the shortest time possible and to reach the perfect client by reducing the exposure time.

2. Techniques and tools that increase the chances of renting out a property

2.1. Publication in real estate portals

The greater the exposure, the greater the chances that the ideal client will find what he or she is looking for, and nowadays, those who are looking for a flat to rent usually go to real estate portals so as not to waste time searching through the pages of the real estate agency.

This still does not mean we shouldn’t promote the property on our website and other sources such as advertisements in the office window.

2.2. Publication on social networks

Another place to display housing is on our own social networks. Normally, people follow our page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., because they are looking to buy or rent a property; if we advertise one that fits their interests they will not hesitate to contact us.

On the other hand, we should not be satisfied with just announcing the properties on our accounts: let’s try to make a community by creating groups of followers who want to rent, buy and sell… The more interaction, the more visibility.

2.3. Include virtual tours

Have you heard of the virtual tour for real estate agencies? It is a multifunctional tool that allows you to show a property from a 360º perspective. In this way, the interested party can immerse themselves in the property, going through it as they wish and without leaving any details behind.

By being able to see every aspect and intricacy of the flat without having to visit it in person and with more realism and information than the videos and photographs that are inserted in the files, the potential tenant will have all his doubts cleared up without having to pay a visit, ask the agent and lose time during this whole process.

2.4. Resolving doubts from a distance

As we pointed out with regard to virtual tour software, the more we shorten the “traditional” and common processes directed towards renting out a property, the sooner it will fail to be part of our successful property portfolio.

Within these processes, going to the agency and commenting on the aspects we are looking for in the flat, as well as the possible inconveniences, etc., is one of the greatest “timewasters”. You have to make an appointment at the agency, look for a space, have the agent who showed the flat available, consult the owner…

If we manage to resolve all these doubts through other more responsive means such as Whatsapp, we will avoid wasting time that can be used to convince the potential tenant or to attract others with a greater disposition.

2.5. Optimising visits

Even greater “timewasters” are the visits to the property. There are so many steps and difficulties with balancing an agenda that reducing the number of unproductive visits has become a necessity for every real estate agency.

This can be solved by fine-tuning the profile chosen to arrange a visit: if we know in advance that a property is not going to be well-suited to the type of tenant interested in it, we must offer him/her as much information as possible so that he/she only comes to the visit in case there is a real chance of them following through with the rental contract.

On the other hand, virtual tour technology allows the potential tenant to not only obtain this information, but also to arrange remote online visits via video conference attended by an unlimited number of interested parties.

Thus, if you make approximately four visits in two hours, you can show the flat to as many people as you want in just the time you need to detail everything.