Hand holding keys for new real estate property

Achieving customer satisfaction means mastering the resources we have. This is why the more tools we implement with this objective in mind, the better the service we offer is and the more appreciated the quality of our work will be. To do this, we must constantly implement real estate sales techniques that will facilitate this goal.

But the successful performance of the agency must not only depend on the use of real estate tools. On occasions, immersing ourselves in the day-to-day business of selling property can make us lose our focus or ignore trends and software that can help us reach our goals. These range from better management of one’s agenda, training in the area of customer service and commerce or overseeing the finalisation of operations.

In Floorfy we are aware of how difficult it is to be competitive in a market like the real estate one, but it is always worth being up to date with the latest real estate sales techniques, and today we will talk to you about some of them.

Strategy vs. tactics. Keys to the principles of marketing and sales plans

Before assigning a name to several innovative real estate sales techniques, we should be very clear about why we should and want to implement them. The simple fact of having X real estate software compared to any other will not produce an immediate increase in turnover, even more so if we do not outline the reason for its use or train staff in using it. For this reason, it is important that the incorporation of these techniques and tools respond to a strategy and, within this, to a specific tactic.

In property marketing we talk about strategy when planning long term. This can be, for example, reaching a certain number of operations in a calendar year, or even in a quarter. The objectives can be varied: increase the property portfolio, increase the number of visits made by the buyer, improve the margins, reduce the number of visits to properties without affecting sales… All of this requires a specific strategy. To achieve it, we have to establish tactics throughout its duration so that in the end we close on the figures we expect. And this is where the implementation of the following real estate sales techniques come in.

3 real estate sales techniques that would help us tactically with our strategy

1. Incorporation of virtual reality tours

In terms of innovation in the sales system, virtual reality tours are one of the most effective and surprising tools. Get your client’s attention with an innovative virtual tour service. Without moving from the office, from the comforts of your room or while travelling on the underground, you will be able to save a huge amount of time walking around properties as if you were in them. The sensorial experience is exceptional, being able to observe details of luminosity, colours, conditions of the property… that are decisive for a successful sale or lease.

By incorporating these real estate sales techniques, we achieve objectives such as reducing the number of unproductive visits or the time needed to close a sale, improving the perception of the agency as an innovative brand and other goals that come substantially closer to fulfilling any sales strategy. 

2. Follow-up of the personalised sales process

There is nothing more useful in the sales process than being able to understand the customer’s needs and knowing how to offer them properties that “match”  what they are looking for. Be honest, don’t let them leave the visit with doubts or uncertainty and directly ask what works for them and what doesn’t, because that will help you offer a better solution for the next visit. Sell the attractive elements of each property, detect the features that help them to save money and those that are basic and that are perhaps being overlooked.

And how can I do all these actions without forgetting characteristic that are also essential for a real estate agency to have? The key is a real estate system manager that is capable of identifying the client’s progress at every moment, so that you can follow up on where they are in the sale (informing themselves, comparing, deciding…). If we consistently contact the client along the journey towards the sale, we will reduce the likelihood that they will abandon our agency in favour of another.

3. 24-hour service

It is not a question of never closing the agency’s shutters but, as we have seen in the case of virtual tours, it is a question of allowing the client to solve his doubts on his own, from wherever and whenever he wants, without having to wait during office hours.

And how do you achieve this “open 24 hours” business? By incorporating automatons such as a Zendesk-type customer service software, or more disruptive work processes that count on the real estate agent’s WhatsApp to clear up doubts without having to move or make calls in between.

It is also essential that we do not leave the real estate file lacking all the information that a possible interested party may need. The times when an attractive image served as an advertisement are no longer valid in the era of (hyper)information. We should not risk falling short of descriptions and it is good practice to have comprehensive image galleries and even extra eye-catching resources such as videos or the interactive tours themselves.

The best real estate sales techniques are not fixed rules that applied to selling property in the 20th century as it applies today. The key is to detect the needs of your potential clients before anyone else and, as a result, offer the tools and resources that cover them most effectively. Is your agency ready for these changes?