Real estate relocation is the movement that companies make when they move their work or service centres to other countries, usually to bear lower wage costs and be more competitive.

In the case of our sector, property relocation refers to the capacity to operate internationally thanks to the technological solutions available to us ( see 360º visits, virtual reality or videoconferencing, among others).

Spain is a desired destination for many foreigners, mainly from northern Europe, but being able to manage these operations – as we imagine – is not easy. The foreign client has the same needs as the local one, he wants to see several properties before considering real estate relocation.

Today in Floorfy we explain to you what options you can integrate in your service portfolio to be more efficient and expand your market.

Real estate relocation through the sale of flats to foreigners

How to do it? We tell you the key aspects of selling flats to foreigners if they are not in your place of residence.

Language: You must have staff who speak the language at a professional level. Just think, you are about to carry out an important operation, which involves the buyer paying a significant amount and to achieve this you have to create a climate of trust. We would not succeed if we had a mediocre knowledge of your native language.

Marketing campaigns. Invest in advertising in the countries of your new clients. Sell the benefits of the area where your properties are located and highlight the benefits of investing in that area compared to others, because just as you value Spain for a second home, the buyer will surely have thought of other destinations as well.

Contact us online: Once we have awakened the interest, we must have the tools that facilitate the communication with the buyer. Floorfy can help you in several ways. On the one hand, we offer the 360º images. When contracting the service, you will have a camera and a tripod specifically for this type of photography, which provides a new experience to the client. On the other hand, you also have the virtual visits that you can program with the buyer and his family to visit the property totally online.

First filter: Through this first contact, the interested parties can filter the properties down to the type they are looking for. Without having to travel or incur extra costs, they can carry out an initial screening and then make a selection of the properties they are most interested in.

Newly built homes: The same can be applied to new constructions. With the digital marketing tools, foreign customers can also choose new properties and purchase them without having to leave their country. In fact, some will be able to carry out the operation barely without moving or with a single trip in which they can see the flat live and formalize the purchase and sale in the same journey.

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