Automatically generate high-quality JPEG images of your property listing using Floorfy’s software.

What are real estate high-definition images?

Floorfy extracts an attractive set of JPEG images from the 360-degree photographs you take inside a property. This selection of high-definition images can be automatically uploaded to your property listings.

With these images you can make your property listing more appealing to potential buyers. They are the perfect accompaniment to a virtual tour, for when a buyer wishes to focus on one particular aspect of a property, or just get a brief overview of its key features.

Why use them?

As anyone who has carried out an online search for a property knows, what the photographs of a property are like can make or break whether you want to go view it. This is where Floorfy’s software can help.

  • Photos are important. Whilst having an enticing property description is necessary, without attractive HD photos visible on a property listing, clients can quickly lose interest in a property. Our 360-degree cameras meansthe photos you list will show a property in its most attractive light, doing justice to its spaciousness.
  • We do all the work. These HD photos are automatically extracted from the 360 degree photographs you take. Therefore, with minimum effort, you have at your disposal a range of resources that to create an attractive property listing.
  • Professional property listings. HD photos are fundamental in making your real estate portfolio look professional and trustworthy for potential buyers. We know that things like natural light, a clean house and beautiful decoration are all important considerations when taking the 360-degree photographs. This is why we have dedicated a blog to how to improve your real estate photography.

How are they generated?

To produce these images, along with all the supplementary material we generate, all you have to do is use one of our Ricoh 360° cameras. We offer guidance in our blog post on how to take 360º photos of a property, as well as a video tutorial on our youtube channel.

Floorfy’s software automatically selects a range of images to accompany your property listing. By using our software, your agency will not only receive attractive and realistic virtual tours, but also HD Photos to give your listings the boost they need to attract buyers.