Estate agents, and their fellow agents, have to spread out their work in such a way as to give them time to show as many homes as possible in the shortest time. That is why both the real estate sector and the different business sectors are looking for the fastest and most efficient way to do their job and thus sell properties with less face-to-face visits. This is where it might be useful to publish virtual tours…

Virtual tours are the best interactive technology to use in your company. There are already many real estate agencies that have this tool and more and more portals are incorporating it into their platforms.

Fotocasa, is one of the best-known real estate portals in Spain, and its workers keep innovating to offer the best possible services to companies to innovate different sales techniques to gain new clients. Discover how to publish virtual tours on Fotocasa through this article.


1. How to publish virtual tours on Fotocasa in one step
2. How to work from home if you are a real estate agent: 10 tips
  • 2.1. Choose a place where you feel comfortable
  • 2.2. Set a schedule
  • 2.3. Schedule breaks and rests too
  • 2.4. Schedule an online visit with potential customers
  • 2.5. Organise small meetings with other team members
  • 2.6. Form
  • 2.7. Work on your online presence
  • 2.8. Trust in the autonomy of your team
  • 2.9. Avoid distractions and watch your diet
  • 2.10. Transparent and centralised communication
3. How to strengthen the relationship with the client

1. How to publish virtual tours on Fotocasa in one step

The publication of a virtual tour on Fotocasa is not very complex. You only have to visit a webpage called Inmofactory which is a general platform for publishing properties. Once inside the section where you add the photos and videos, you have enabled the option to publish virtual tours.

In the corresponding space, you must include the URL provided by the virtual tour server and, in the drop-down menu, select “Virtual tour”.

Once published, the virtual tour will occupy the first position of the images in the advertisement.

2. How to work from home if you are a real estate agent: 10 tips

The situation that has led to the coronavirus is exceptional. It has had a major impact on the global economy, but companies are working hard to minimise the impact.

Virtual tours are a great help for real estate companies during the coronavirus and we encourage you to follow these 10 tips to make the job easier.

2.1. Choose a place where you feel comfortable

This is one of the most important pieces of advice. Creating a professional space is vital to help differentiate tasks and focus your full attention on them. Adapt your needs and place yourself in a space that is sufficiently bright.

2.2. Set a schedule

Setting deadlines and small objectives is key to making the most of your working day. In the office we have our set routine, but it is not always easy to maintain it when working from home.

2.3. Schedule breaks and rests too

Take short, consistent breaks. They will be necessary for increasing your concentration in the most demanding moments of the day.

2.4. Schedule an online visit with potential clients.

Take advantage of the time of teleworking to get closer to those interested, advise them better and try to convince them that what you offer is what they need.

2.5. Organise small meetings with other team members

Many estate agents already have weekly meetings in place (weekly meetings to follow up on different tasks) but perhaps, in exceptional circumstances such as lockdown, it makes sense to do one at the beginning of the day and another at the end, to guide you in the right direction and to know where there is room for improvement in order to enhance your strengths.

2.6. Get trained

We advise you to research everything related to digital marketing and online presence. The world will undergo plenty of change after Covid-19 and, having more knowledge to tackle and endure this unpleasant situation will help you to continue to progress with your company’s project.

2.7. Work on your online presence

Having said that, don’t wait until you finish a course on marketing to start working on your website and social media presence in order to increase the visibility of a property on portals. It is time to organize a marketing plan for the future that will allow us to generate quality content that will interest potential clients.

2.8. Trust in the autonomy of your team

It’s time to work together, now more than ever. Having everyone report on their daily progress makes perfect sense but you will need to rely on the self-sufficiency and drive of your colleagues not to get lost in the lack of control present when teleworking

2.9. Avoid distractions and watch your diet

Life is full of distractions – the TV, housework, overcooking, snacking… we know that it is especially complicated with children. But it is a question of avoiding these distractions and not understanding this period of uncertainty as one excessive break. Productivity, as far as possible, should be one of your main objectives.

2.10. Transparency and centralised communication

This is not the time to generate more uncertainty among your teammates. Being clear about the measures that are taken within the agency is essential so that everyone focuses their efforts on set goals and that uncertainty does not paralyse them. Whether you are going to implement a new strategy focused on rentals or use this moment to reconnect with previous leads is something that everyone should know internally.

3. How to strengthen the relationship with the client

Customers are the main gateway to new opportunities. They are in the best place to recommend the quality of your service to others who have to buy or sell a home. With this in mind , here are a few tips to improve your relationships with your clients.

After closing the sale, create a follow-up program, show interest in their current situation and the property they invested in,  offer support if needed… it will assure them that you have not forgotten about them.

Sponsor the football or basketball team in your neighbourhood or city. The logo and name on the shirts, banners and uniforms is one of the best ways to make yourself known.

Update the comparative analysis of the properties sold and send them to your clients with a note. It’s a good way to show that you care about their property investments.

Organize yourself to call “x” clients from your database every day. Email is fine, but a voice recording conveys human warmth and invites clients to share their issues/comments – and maybe it will lead to a new opportunity!

Is it your client’s birthday? Take this opportunity to congratulate them, and if you consider it appropriate, send them a personal message to make them feel that they are important to you.

Creating a closer relationship with your clients will make them feel comfortable with your services and more likely to stay with you instead of looking for other alternatives. When you have to recommend a company, don’t hesitate in letting yours be known. In other words, generating trust with your buyers will make them loyal to you.

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