New partnership between Tecnocasa (Granada) and Floorfy

Here at Floorfy, we have a new partner in spreading the benefits of real estate digitalization. It’s Tecnocasa (Granada) who has chosen to apply the state-of-the-art technology we have developed to the properties in its portfolio. The partnership is destined for success.

The clients of this firm can thus discover a new way to visit the flats that might interested them. A 360° tour will be the key to increasing sales and rentals, and all this can happen with less work needing to be done by its agents.

What is Tecnocasa?

Tecnocasa is a group with branches spread across several countries. Amongst these there is Spain, including the Andalucian province of Granada. However, the brand was born in Italy. Specifically, in 1979, under Oreste Pasquali. The entrepreneur formed a network of brokerage agencies centred around Milan, and all its offices shared a direct relationship with their customers. This is a concept that is commonplace today, but back then represented a huge innovation for the sector. More than five years after its creation, the offices became branches that continue to expand, despite losing control over them. The network now includes a total of 60 businesses.

Its landing in Spain happened in 1994, following the wake of the opening of its country of origin. The first real estate agency in this group in our country opened its doors in Barcelona. Others soon followed, until it reached 19 agencies with a presence in the major cities. From Madrid to Malaga, passing by Valencia, San Sebastián, and, of course, Granada.

The number of outlets it has in Spain is currently close to 700, while those in charge continue to work towards a target of 800 franchised businesses. In total it brings together 2,700 real estate and financial brokerage agencies across 9 countries. And others have joined this firm, like Kiron, which focusses on financial brokerage services in the same group. The same is true of Tecnorete, which is also involved in the brokerage of real estate services.

The key to its success is quick decision making, delegating to specifically qualified managers, a strong operational synergy and the development of unique tools that have been customized as much as possible.

The benefits of the agreement made between Tecnocasa (Granada) and Floorfy

The office that Tecnocasa has in Granada has taken a step forward through the digitalization of their portfolio. Its properties can now be visited by clients by carrying out a virtual tour online.

The main benefit for real estate agents will be the extra time they have at their disposal, as well as informed clients. In person visits will therefore be limited to those genuinely interested in each particular property.

One more step for real estate digitalization

With these benefits, digitalization is progressing in the real estate sector by leaps and bounds. This comes as a result of lockdown, and, at the same time, the effort of companies such as Tecnocasa to continue providing their services.

Simply posting photographs of properties for sale on the internet now isn’t enough: it’s necessary to offer an authentic and immersive experience. And now this can happen, thanks to the virtual visits this agency offers.

Tecnocasa (Granada) has joined this trend thanks to the software that we have developed at Floorfy, and the results are already available to all those interested in its assets. Don’t hesitate in trying it if you want to learn more about this type of tour, at your reach from any mobile phone, tablet, or computer.