2.The 5 key multimedia resources to sell more properties

2.1. Image gallery

2.2. Videos

2.3. Virtual Tours

2.4. Augmented Reality

2.5. Virtual tours by videoconference

1. Introduction

We are in the era of stimulus, of everything digital. For all these reasons, messages that reach us through multimedia channels and resources are more likely to attract us and convince us than those messages that are simply transmitted without intending to provoke a reaction in the receiver.

This last objective is fundamental in the case of real estate companies. We want a clear reaction from the receiver: that they fall in love with a property and buy it. That is why we must ensure that our property listings contain as many stimuli as possible. But what specifically are we talking about, what kind of multimedia content do we have at our disposal to sell more properties?

2. The 5 key multimedia resources for selling more properties

2.1. Image gallery

Image galleries are the most basic among the multimedia resources to sell more properties, but by no means the least important. A good descriptive text must be accompanied by quality images that will help the interested party know, not only that that the property has two or three rooms of X square meters, but also to visualize them, to know that that room is not only wide, but also sunny.

2.2. Videos

The natural evolution of images is to give them movement. For this reason, videos are the most suitable resource for the interested party not only to know what each room is like, but also to be able to situate them knowing in a more realistic way the layout of each one of them beyond the plane of the property.

On the other hand, videos conserve a very valuable resource for both the agent and the client: time. From browsing through the images and reading their descriptions, we can simply click and start viewing.

2.3. Virtual tours

One step further: what is missing from the videos as a further guide towards what we would find if we visited the flat on site? That instead of showing us the property in a linear, predetermined way, we decide for ourselves which rooms we visit, in what order and how to go through them.

This is what the newest multimedia resource for selling properties proposes: the 360º virtual tour. With these tours you can be guided by the screen of your multimedia device and a cursor, go through the whole property without limitations and without any nook and cranny being hidden from view.

2.4. Augmented reality

Let’s up our game: can we simulate this feeling of being inside the property without visiting it in person any further? Virtual tours for real estate agents can be coupled with augmented reality devices for an even more immersive experience.

Moreover, as this technology is available in the same real estate agency, the clients are in the same place as the real estate agents, so they are in a position to respond to any doubt or question that the interested party may have during the virtual tour.

2.5. Virtual tours by videoconference

In the previous point we indicated how convenient it could be for the person taking the virtual tour to be in same space as the real estate agents so that the latter can resolve any doubts. But wouldn’t it be even better if you didn’t have to go anywhere?

Let’s introduce you to virtual tours by videoconference, where from the comforts of your own home and using your smartphone, you can make a virtual tour in which the real estate agent is also present through the online camera. In this way, what we visualise is also visualised by the agent who can then highlight or detail any peculiarity of the property.

In short, it is not just a question of leaving the possible sale of a property in the hands of a digital resource, whatever it may be, but also of providing the advertisement with all the information that any user may need, as long as it is accessible.

On the other hand, as a real estate agent you will know that there are properties “that sell themselves”, but others that need that little push, that extra promotion to reach their ideal tenants. Don’t hesitate in investing in multimedia resources to push the sale of these less popular properties so you can save time and effort in achieving your goal.