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Real estate marketing is one of the disciplines that has always generated the greatest interest in professionals who are dedicated to buying and selling property. Being the first ones to apply the new real estate marketing techniques can make us become a reference agency, due to our operation and customer service. And it is an opportunity we cannot miss.

There are as many marketing tactics as we can imagine but it is always worth reviewing the basis of client attraction to put them into practice with our team.

Real estate marketing is often confused with real estate sales, so agents tend to mix sales and marketing activities in order to attract clients and properties resulting in a lack of success in a particular strategy. Now the expert agents have a clear idea of what real estate marketing is and how it speeds up the whole house-hunting process.

Advice on real estate marketing techniques

Always plan for the long, medium and short term. Don’t get carried away by what needs doing quickly and study what tactics will be decisive in achieving the objectives with your team

Real estate marketing of contents.

Generate texts, images, videos,… that help your client find you and get from you the confidence he needs to rent or buy a house. This consists of providing clients with all the valuable information that helps them to make a decision about buying, selling or renting any property.

The content helps you to position yourself in search engines. This translates into the possibility of appearing in the first search results on Google. In the same way, include investing in the best spaces of the real estate portals in your budget, a key tool to get people engaging with your portfolio of properties.

Real estate video marketing

The video format is now a must in online environments. The average user is increasingly inclined to access content via mobile phone and videos are a quick and adapted way to assimilate the message. Take advantage of it to get more reach and reach your target audience also through other channels such as social networks. Publish informative, corporate and real estate videos.

In this way, you can go one step further and stand out from your competitors, as well as improve management and customer service processes if you incorporate the new real estate marketing techniques offered by virtual tour software: instead of videos showing the property, the user can decide for himself how to view the property and which corners and aspects to recreate.

Real estate email marketing

There are different tools specifically created to make our lives easier when communicating via email with our clientele. If you have it well-organised, it will be very easy for your clients to receive automatic notifications and be up to date with your agency’s promotions. But all that glitters is not gold. Don’t use this marketing channel in a distracted way or it will turn into spam. Only by pampering your client through all the means by which you communicate with him, you will manage to carry out the operation successfully.

Include the email marketing tools within a global real estate marketing strategy, where you can have your users located based on their greater or lesser interest in the properties in your portfolio. There are managers who automate this task and discriminate when deciding on the interests of each recipient. In this way you will not “bore” your client base with content that is not interesting or useful to them, ensuring that what they receive will attract their attention.

If you do not have a team with communication skills, it is always worth outsourcing these tasks and making use of specific tools for real estate agencies: 360 videos, image editor, virtual reality, remote tours and much more. They are suitable for all members of your team to generate content that helps to sell, in a totally autonomous way.