The consumption of audio-visual content on the Internet has skyrocketed. It is estimated that 44% of households consume online content on a regular basis and the same applies to the business world. Investing in knowing the innovations in multimedia content for the real estate world is an option for the future and one that every agency must be able to understand and apply.

The digital user does not only navigate in buying and selling portals, which are very relevant. They also use the websites of the developers, APIs and real estate agencies that manage the properties as a reference. And that is why we have to take special care with the image and content they contain.

Competing in such a demanding market requires a well-advised investment and a defined property marketing strategy.

There are no secrets to creating the best campaign but there are some rules that will help us integrate the audio-visual content as an emblem of our brand. How can we achieve this?

 What are the most innovative technologies in the real estate sector?

  • Virtual visits from home: 

Virtual reality is the main novelty that has been implemented in this sector to get closer to potential customers. It makes it easier to visit a property on the Internet, as well as allowing you to attach links or explanatory notes so that upon clicking on a certain area of the image, you can find out about the brand and/or price of the furniture and object selected. 

Floorfy can help you create virtual tours through a simple software.

  • Drones for the recording and control of properties:

While you can only use drones with certain permissions, they can be used to record outdoor videos, which will help customers recognize the external surroundings, neighbourhood, shopping areas and services that are so important to formalize a purchase or rental of a property. In the case of large plots of land they also help to draw up plans.

  • Big data for analysis of user behaviour:

Thanks to an advanced use of data, we can send extremely personalised messages to our database, make much more precise advertising campaigns and use our resources more efficiently. Data is power after all. 

  • Management of properties through mobile applications:

Through a recent development, we have constantly updated information about the state of the properties. By this we mean whether they are free, occupied or reserved. Above all, these applications are very useful for the management of rentals, especially those of a holiday nature, which are the ones that register the most entries and exits of tenants.

The future of innovations and novelties in multimedia content for the real estate world

What’s is the future of the real estate sector? With so many changes and developments, one can’t help but wonder which real estate marketing trends are here to stay.

According to the experts, among the inventions that are in the process of being implemented in the sector: the automated valuation of homes thanks to blockchain and applications that can access services of a shopping centre are soon to come. 

Likewise, chatbots are increasingly being used, which help clients find properties in real estate portals according to their interests.