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Today, thanks to the portals, digital platforms and social networks that exist, selling or renting a house is a relatively accessible task. At least nothing like the housing market two or three decades ago, when we were still unaware of the possibilities of interactive real estate technology.

With digital transformations, classic property tours find their alternative in digital solutions such as virtual reality tours.

Even though it is still not possible to buy a home online, with the technology required for real estate agencies, it is possible to carry out practically the entire process of searching for properties, without having to travel to them and avoiding unnecessary visits.

Interactive technology solutions for real estate agencies

Virtual reality and interactive applications

Developers and real estate companies have developed interactive applications with which you can visit your home digitally. Thanks to the virtual reality glasses, clients can experience a real immersion sensation. Another advantage that this technology offers is the saving of time and resources.

Virtual tours

These are tours of the interior of the house and do not require virtual reality glasses. These are files that can be posted directly onto the real estate agency’s website or on the portals. In the case of new construction, the virtual tours allow the sale to be made even before construction of the building begins.

Big Data

“Big data” is also one of the technologies that has recently rocked the real estate world, and comprises of the analysis of a large amount of data from various sources in order to detect trends in the market in real time and thus facilitate decision-making. During the home buying process, this system organizes the flow of data and information obtained, allowing the seller to know his audience better. The advantage in its use is that it reduces costs, defines the audience and improves the experience of all users.

Digital signature

This type of interactive technology speeds up transactions, as it allows the substitution of handwritten signatures with electronic ones in a secure environment. The technology used complies with all national and European regulations with the strictest known international security and “compliance” standards.

Online booking

Online booking allows you to schedule appointments on a digital calendar. It facilitates the organization of the agendas of all the professionals in the real estate agency and for the client it is a comfortable and very standardized system.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology – another one of the most poignant technologies to have hit the property market. It is the key to simplifying the bureaucratic procedures of buying and selling a home. Although we are years away from its popular use, the success of blockchain can change the way we store information online forever and would change the way we sign agreements and contracts.

Is your agency aware of the interactive real estate technologies in this new context of digital transformation? Welcome to a new way of selling real estate!