1. Introduction

2. How to sell a flat fast? 5 resources for real estate agencies

2.1. Interactivity

2.2. Virtual tours

2.3. Editing and publishing programmes

2.4. Analytical tools

2.5. Social networks

3. Real Estate CRM: the vital software for the integration of all resources

1. Introduction

Think about how properties were sold in the 20th century and look at how this is done today: today those paper catalogues that were used to fill letterboxes and dotted around eye-catching displays are no longer used. Nowadays everything goes through the internet and its digital environment so it is now possible to sell a flat fast.

If a client wants to buy or rent a property, the first thing they will do is enter the characteristics of their dream home in the browser and search for the portal or web page that best presents their needs. Do you want your real estate agency to be among these possibilities or do you want to continue selling houses in an outdated fashion? We present 5 resources on how to sell a flat fast for real estate agencies.

2. How to sell a fast flat? 5 resources for real estate agencies

2.1. Interactivity

We are fascinated by the mobile world. One has but to click and in a matter of seconds be surrounded by an endless number of stimuli that remind us that technology is at our service. Therefore, do not hesitate to present your properties with as many interactive resources as possible such as from the now traditional Google Maps showing you where the house is located to videos, and complete image galleries of it, etc.

2.2. Virtual tours

Among the interactive resources there is one in particular for real estate agencies that takes the lead opportunity-wise: virtual tours of the homes.The aim of any interactive resource is to create an immersive experience, so that the user can simulate being in the desired place and space., from his screen, as accurately as possible. The virtual tour introduces us to the home, which we can explore from beginning to end with realism and with additional details that will make us feel like we are living there

2.3. Edition and publication programmes

A video or a virtual tour alone can cause interest, but if it is not edited or published properly it will not be used to its full potential.

For example, professional virtual tour software allows us, once the images have been captured in 360 degrees, to order and configure them in such a way that you can reproduce the visit as it is, entering through the door and going through the property in a linear way, or directly visiting the rooms that interest you most or that you want to focus on.

In addition, you can obtain images of the tour that can be incorporated into a gallery or shared in social networks as well as changing the viewing angle and displaying informative posters about each viewing.

2.4. Analytical tools

The best sales method is one that allows us to get to know our client even before he contacts us. If we know that our best successful users (those who end up buying or renting a property) have certain common characteristics, we will be able to direct marketing actions and how we present the properties in a way that meets their needs and so they can be in a position to carry out the transaction.

This need is solved by web analytics: programs integrated in the software or in the web that offer you sociological and demographic data of the visitors of your real estate page, as it is the case of the popular Google Analytics.

2.5. Social networks

Finally, we must not forget the resource that takes up most of our time on the internet: social media.

It is not enough to promote properties on well-known real estate portals. We must be where our clients are, and if each user spends an average of 58 minutes a day on each social network (each one having an average of 4 accounts on social networks), we must ensure our presence on these platforms flourishes

And on which social networks should we consider having a presence? Depending on the content we want to share / promote, Facebook and Twitter, by use and subject matter, are two basic ones where it is at least interesting to have an open profile not only for promotion, but also for the management of doubts, requests, etc.

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular and is the ideal profile for promoting highly attractive properties with extensive audio-visual material. Google+, although not very popular, helps us to integrate the account into Google’s tools and consolidate our  positioning.

Finally, LinkedIn is the most suitable for subjects with which we want to gain visibility and contacts in the professional real estate world.

3. Real estate CRM: the vital software for the integration of all resources

All of the above resources should not act independently. That is why having a specific CRM for real estate agencies that is compatible with the different tools mentioned among many other needs that may arise when promoting and managing properties is vital to get the most out of each option.

When deciding on a CRM, the basic question to consider is what needs you want to cover and what processes you want to improve. In the same way that we proposed the integration of a virtual 360º tour in the property files as a method for filtering and reducing unnecessary visits to properties, a real estate CRM can allow you to publish on the main real estate portals or create online advertising campaigns. Along with this you have  the possibility of connecting remotely or only from the office, depending on whether you configure it as a cloud-based service (SaaS solution) or as an installable programme.

A final piece of advice in this regard is that we should first consider real estate CRMs that have a trial demo version, as this is the best way of being able to test whether they cover our basic needs and how they improve our routine processes. Good examples of real estate CRM are Inmogesco , Efficy or SumaCRM for real estate companies.In short, in order to sell a flat quickly, it is a matter of transforming how we present and manage properties to adapt them to the most avant-garde methods that allow us to stand out from our competition. Do you want the most innovative sales resources for your real estate agency? Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire the latest technology at your disposal and sell a flat fast.