Visits to rentable properties are necessary: without them, potential tenants could not imagine making the property their next home. But it is also true that visits to apartments for rent can occupy every morning and afternoon for your agents without even guaranteeing that, after 8 or 10 visits, one of them will become the new tenant.

This equates to hours and hours of time and resources wasted with no profit generated either. Hours that could be used to improve the care of those clients who do show a real interest in the properties and who are actually in a position to sign a rental agreement with the chosen home.

Therefore, it is not a matter of simply reducing the number of visits, but of being able to guarantee that the visits are successful. To do this, we offer you several tips to optimize these much-needed resources in an agency.

5 tips to improve the quality of visits to rentable properties

1. Incorporate virtual tours into the property listings

In the beginning, we indicated that face-to-face visits are essential so that potential tenants can imagine themselves living in the property, but what if there was a way to achieve this effect without having to visit house?

The solution is found in virtual tours for real estate: a new and avant-garde way of showcasing properties where the client can walk through each room as if they were right there.

In this way you can have a realistic impression of what the house is like and envision every detail without having to balance the agenda or visit the house until you are sure that it is your ideal home.

2. Use filters when arranging visits

Chance should never be relied upon when doing business. Filling an agenda with dozens of visits based on the assumption that “some will be unsuccessful” is harmful. Firstly to the agent, who frustratingly realises how his time is being wasted without results, and to the potential client, who is made to visit a home that ultimately does not interest them. 

Therefore, make sure that before making an appointment, filters have been applied to serve as an indicator towards whether the client is interested or not: either a questionnaire, an ideal profile, or inviting the person interested in renting the property to view it initially as a virtual tour.

3. Don’t skip any details

A bad real estate practice is to let the clients themselves discover the details of the property, only informing them of the positive aspects and hiding or disguising the negative ones.

This leads to the potential tenant discovering, at the moment of truth, details that do not fit his ideal apartment, which causes frustration, bad impressions, and possibly puts off the client for good.

To avoid this, before going to visit the house in person, you must inform them of all the aspects that may be of interest to them, both positive and negative, to avoid an unproductive visit.

4. Streamline processes from the office

The office does not have to be just a place to contract and process information. The office can serve as a filter and link to ensure visits are conducive to successful rentals.

To do this, even before arranging a home visit, meet the client in the office and outline everything described above, as well as other possible properties of their interest.

Did you know that in the case of virtual tours there are components that allow you to carry them out in a three-dimensional viewer? Trying this at the office not only makes sure that the clients are really interested in the property but will also give them the impression that your agency is at the forefront of technological solutions.

5. Use new technologies

Today everything happens from the screen of our mobile or laptop. Therefore, we must constantly adapt to this environment and avoid key issues arising at the face-to-face visit.

With the incorporation of virtual tours, we have already progressed a lot in this regard, but we can explore the possibilities that 360-degree images offer us further: from promoting them on social media to making virtual visits through a videoconference.

This last option is the definitive filter you need: make an appointment online with all those interested in taking a virtual tour and finally make specific in-person visits only with those who show real interest. Are you aware of the hours and travel expenses you save with this revolutionary new method? Do not hesitate to read up on it! Say goodbye to unproductive visits and meetings.