Real estate effectiveness is a key factor anywhere. However, it is even more so in a sector so dependent on market currents and continuous customer acquisition.

For this reason, and although our work system currently works, we must always be concerned with innovating in the processes and tools that allow us to attract as many users as possible with the same work team.

In order to achieve this purpose, we must know how to make the most of the working time of each real estate agent, without this implying that they are overworked. How can we get it? Here are some tips to increase real estate effectiveness.

How to increase effectiveness in a real estate agency

Facilitates team management

On more than one occasion we neglect the most vital because things just work but, are the proper management processes being carried out through the team leaders? Does each member of the staff know what their daily tasks are? And what should you do every day to optimize sales?

Real estate work is not limited to teaching flats and selling them: that should be the end goal of a chain of tasks in which each contribution, count and add, but should not spend the bulk of time teaching one floor after another.

Therefore, before filling the agenda of the agents of visits to flats without further ado, we must previously ensure that each appointment is a real sales opportunity and that each member works towards this objective.

To do this, make sure that each team sets weekly and even daily goals to achieve and that they have the tools and the means to do so. Project management programs like Trello or RedBooth can be very helpful.

Put technology at your service

Automate actions whenever you can. That does not mean that you neglect the human factor, something key when we talk about selling or renting apartments, we are talking precisely about automating what we can do without a person in charge so that the real estate staff can dedicate themselves to the most important thing: attending to the clients.

Virtual tour software is a good example of how technology improves these processes. Through them, customers interested in a home can comfortably visit it from their computers or mobiles without the need to make an appointment for it and it acts as a filter so that potential customers can know if they are interested in the property. In this way, the real estate agent would only act when the interest is sufficient to close a sale.

Have an effective real estate CRM

Having technology but not being able to analyze and manage the information you provide is useless. Therefore, a real estate CRM is presented as the most effective support tool to improve the productivity of an agency.

A CRM acts as the axis that allows, from the proper management of the team, to that of the available information of each property and each contact. It is therefore the tool that allows you to get the most out of the two points mentioned above.

Thanks to CRM management, I can know how much time each employee spends visiting properties and other essential information sources to improve productivity, such as what elements we incorporate into the records of the properties that receive the best visits, that is, those that convert finally in customers.

Continuous training

We cannot innovate if we do not incorporate new tools and processes and, for this, we must know how they work.

For this reason, it is important not to limit the training of each member of the payroll to specialized courses, but also to train them to be able to find and stay up-to-date with real estate news and thus detect changes and developments of interest in the sector.

En definitiva, de lo que se trata es de invertir continuamente en la mejora de los servicios y procesos, no solo con el objetivo de vender más, sino también para trabajar mejor y, por tanto, tener la capacidad de innovar y crecer en todo momento.