1. Introduction

2. 5 tips to improve the presentation of properties on real estate portals

2.1. Combine several visual supports

2.2. Perfect your image gallery

2.3. Expand the descriptive text

2.4. Try to capture the user’s attention at a glance

2.5. Innovate

1. Introduction

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if instead of a picture we offered clients an immersive experience? This is the case of virtual reality software for real estate agencies, where the photos give way to a 360º tour of the property in which no detail is lost of each of the elements and the rooms that make up the home. This is one of the newest and most practical methods to transform the presentation of properties in real estate portals. What else can we apply to impact more audience?

2. 5 tips to improve the presentation of properties in real estate portals

2.1. Combines several visual supports

Text and image are not the only resources to use in a real estate portal. There are other options that achieve what we are looking for to advertise a property in a real estate portal from the mentioned virtual tours for real estate agencies to the classic video. They ensure that the user obtains all the information he needs to know if a property is the right one for his needs or not, saving in arranging unproductive visits and with it in time (which also translates into money).

This does not mean that each resource is exclusive. You can use text to describe what the user sees through the virtual 360º tour while highlighting the best spots in a photo gallery.

2.2 Take care of your image gallery

We would like to emphasize that including everything in an infinite succession of images can burden the user, who will prefer to go through the property himself without us imposing what he or she can or cannot see through the gallery.

For this reason, we must use this resource conscientiously, and if we have already offered them the possibility of seeing the whole property with a virtual tour, the gallery should only include those images that can have the most impact or that invite them to visit the rooms again: a balcony with excellent views, a living room with a fireplace, a hydromassage shower, etc.

2.3. Take care of the descriptive text

Similarly, the section dedicated to the text should not be “high literature”: many of the property sheets are consulted on the mobile phone, while travelling on public transport or during a break at work, and at those times what we least want is a dense text that keeps us busy without even being able to visualise each element that is indicated.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to leave this task in the hands of the virtual tour or video (although more static), and present the text in a clear way where the information that may be left pending in these supports is indicated (square metres of each room, comforts and facilities, etc.)

A good way to present the synthetic and clear texts is by using icons or as a table.

2.4. Try to capture the user’s attention at a glance

To the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we must add that “the first impression is what counts”. A presentation of the file in which the preview allows you to interact with the property, and that it will take you no longer than  a couple of minutes to know for sure if it is what you are looking for, will probably win over the client long before another file that shows limited images.

On the other hand, the first image you see in the gallery, cover or as a preview of the video or virtual tour must be without doubt the most impressive, the best corner of the house in which the client can envision themselves spending the rest of their lives.

2.5. Innovate 

How many homes on average can a user looking for a flat see per day? Probably his attention will decrease as he views more and more properties, so if we want to attract his attention, we should not replicate how other agencies carry out their presentations of properties on real estate portals.

If we offer you a new experience, in which you can solve your doubts about the property much more than just reading or passing images, we will not only get you informed about the property, but it will have a lasting impact and you will remember it more than what you have seen through “traditional methods”.

In short, the idea is to keep in mind that every property we upload to a property portal is much more than an advertisement: it is an opportunity to sell as well as an indication that our agency takes its clients’ needs seriously. Are you ready to transform the presentation of properties on your portal?