Gone are the days when mobile internet use was exotic and rare. The mobile phone has dethroned laptops and desktops as the ultimate device for browsing the internet, which means that all content published online must be designed for the format and convenience of a smartphone screen. This includes the presentation of a home on mobile phones, with mobile virtual reality tours, which must be adapted not only to the size in which they are displayed but also to the habits of consumers. 

How can we take advantage of the use of mobile phones when showing properties on the internet?

4 Tips for taking advantage of mobile virtual reality tours

1. Less text, more dynamism

The use of the mobile phone requires immediacy. We use our smartphones on the way to work or on the way home in the metro, while we wait at the bus stop, or on a coffee break… Moments that, although occupied by visits to pages of our interest,  cannot be recreated on the couch at home or in the office.

For this reason, the presentation of properties on real estate portals or on the website of our real estate agency should do away with “literary ornaments” and inform us instead about what is of maximum interest to the user. For example, when talking about the number of rooms or their layout, it is much clearer with a technical sheet and a situation map, than describing it in a paragraph.

2. Taking care of the image galleries as much as possible

When we use a mobile phone, we are not in a position to enjoy reading about technicalities.  Image galleries become the best ally for the presentation of a home on a mobile phone. For this reason, we must provide the property file with a detailed gallery.

Due to consumer habits and the facilities offered by this type of format, the practice of “I tend to select my 5 best photos of the property and those are the ones I show to the client” is not valid. The mobile phone user who is looking for a property wants to see as much of it as possible, including corridors, landings, attics, etc. Don’t hesitate to allow them to navigate from image to image with a single press of a button through mobile virtual reality tours.

The fact that we try to be realistic and show as much of the property as possible does not always mean that we care about the actual presentation of the images: it is one thing to retouch and another to enhance. Do not forget to take the photos with good lighting and from flattering angles, avoiding overloaded spaces or, on the contrary, totally empty spaces.

3. Use innovative multimedia technology

The mobile phone is not simply an extension of another device’s screen but in a pocket format. 

Phones, due to their peculiarities, encourage interactions and make the most of the navigatory experiences in a much more refined way than any other device, among other qualities, due to the possibilities offered by the touch screen.

This is a plus point that allows real estate marketing tools such as virtual tour software to offer an even greater immersive experience if it is done in the hands of a smartphone. In this case, there are even models that turn phones into virtual reality glasses that increase the sensation of visiting the property from anywhere.

4. Facilitate immediate contact

A client, while travelling on the metro, sees the house of his dreams and walks around it through a mobile virtual reality tour without having to make an appointment with an agent… Are you going to let a secure sale slip through your fingers because you don’t offer a quick contact route on your page?

They will probably try to phone to arrange an appointment with your agency, but availability is not always immediate, or the call can only be made during business hours. However, you can reassure the client if you encourage them to leave a message via Whatsapp or solve possible doubts by means of virtual assistants.

Something as simple as the contact phone being highlighted so that it can be called automatically when it is clicked on also facilitates this process.

The world is changing and focusing more and more on solutions where immediacy, dynamism and the ease of obtaining information set the guidelines. Are you going to let your agency become obsolete without facilitating mobile virtual reality tours? Get the most out of the tools and real estate possibilities at your disposal!