The real estate portal Holapisos now allows the user to take a guided virtual tour with a real estate professional.

This initiative speeds up the process of buying a property as well as facilitating the reservation procedures, which can be done directly and online within the same guided virtual tour.

It is now possible to visit a property and find out all its details from a professional without having to move from the sofa. 

This collaboration has allowed the users to see the distribution and the aspect of the properties in a realistic way. It also allows them to discover each and every one of their details and particularities through the knowledge and experience of a commercial agent who guides them throughout the tour.

This is a live virtual accompaniment service or, in other words, a guided virtual tour. In this way, those people who wish to arrange an appointment with a real estate agent to accompany them virtually on the tour, will only have to make a phone call so that the professional can connect to the tour, show them the different areas of the property and resolve their doubts and comments.

At the moment, these visits are available for one or several users connected from a single device. However, they will soon be accessible for multiple devices. Thus, family or friends connected through different devices will be able to view ,in real time, the route taken through the property together with the commercial agents of Holapisos.

Booking the guided virtual tour

If users are satisfied with the guided virtual tour and decide to reserve the property until they can make a second visit in person, Holapisos offers them the possibility of reserving it online and blocking its availability for a week. 

Through the website itself, users can access a form where they can fill in their details and pay the reservation fee, which will be refunded if the user finally changes his mind.

Also, those who decide to purchase the property after the visit in person and formalize the purchase, will receive 1,500 euros as a gift from Holapisos.

About Holapisos

Holapisos is the trademark for the sale of real estate assets of Anticipa Real Estate. The portal has more than 1,850 properties in its portfolio, most of which belong to the residential segment. However, the Holapisos offer also includes offices, premises, warehouses and car parks distributed throughout the state.