A satisfied client is not just a happy client, but an asset to your company as they serve to promote your agency while reducing inconveniences such as ‘time-wasting’ clients, unproductive visits and repeated incidents with the property, etc.

Therefore, making the customer fall in love from the beginning, offering them all the information they need comfortably and without depending on third parties, is an obligation that not only produces a better service, but also improves the organisation of the agent’s work and the speed at which he works within the real estate agency.

All this is exactly what Floorfy offers with its virtual tour real estate software: a simple, practical and comfortable way to showcase properties without the client leaving their home and without agents having to tighten their visit schedule.

What is virtual tour software for real estate agents?

Virtual tour software is the online solution to the problem of not being able to show a property available in your portfolio at all times of the day.

A complete image gallery is the resource that helps sell the most: in this way, every interested party can imagine the size of the rooms, the luminosity, the distribution of space and other qualities that they are looking for in their future home. But nowadays, where interactivity and immediacy are the main features, it is insufficient just to leave the client to imagine what he can see and feel, to be sure that the size that he thinks his new living room has really corresponds to reality.

This is the point that Floorfy effectively resolves with its immersive experience through its complete virtual tour software: with the Floorfy interactive tours, the customer visualises the reality that he would find when passing through the door of the property in question, being able to check whether it suits their needs or not and, in this way, saving time both to the salesman and to themselves, arranging the real visit only if there is a chance that he will end up with the property.

Floorfy: the best way to present your properties

With Floorfy, the possibilities are not limited to showing a property from a 360º perspective: you can make video conferences where you highlight the best qualities of each property to one or more clients interested in it, or even automate the management and publication of the tours from your own CRM, obtaining analytical data throughout the visits of each virtual tour.

In this way, for those clients who want to go a step further and want more information, you can offer them advice from the other side of the screen, highlighting the strengths of each property and complementing it with images and videos obtained from the tour itself.

Do you want to save time for your staff and boost your clients’ satisfaction for your clients? Floorfy, the latest virtual tour software is all you need to make your agency the number one in real estate services.