Properties displayed digitally



2.Techniques for selling properties in an attractive way

2.1. High-definition photographs

2.2. Interactive videos

2.3. 360º virtual tours

3. Why use different digital strategies to sell properties

1. Introduction

What is good advertising? We could define good advertising as one that not only promotes, but also convinces clients when selling properties to them. For this reason, marketing has been concerned with providing its messages with more and more arguments and elements that serve to detail, specify and satisfy in the shortest time possible. The client has all the information they could possibly need even if he is not interested in the product or service offered prior to this.

When selling properties, we must apply the best advertising techniques, as well as pay close attention to the new developments that apply to this sector and be prepared to implement them at all times.

This applies above all to those properties “that do not sell themselves”, which need to stand out from others in order to get out of the available housing portfolio. How do we intend to sell a property that does not sell if we continue to do what we have always done?

In these cases, and so that our clients can find everything they need at the moment, we must not fail to use those formats to sell properties that best suit the needs of our users.

2. Techniques for selling properties in an attractive way

2.1. High definition photographs

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. We must never lose sight of this principle of popular culture. We can write paragraphs and paragraphs highlighting how spacious and sunny a room is, but if the user is not sure that this is the case, he will hardly show any interest, or even worse: he can make the appointment, go to visit the flat and realise once there that it is not at all what he imagined, with the consequent frustration of both the client and the agent who have seen their time wasted on something that would have been solved with clearer and more precise information about the flat.

And how can this information be presented? Well, with a high definition photograph that shows what we call a sunny room. Don’t make the common mistake when advertising the property of trying to hide possible defects, but even less neglect the presentation and use an unprofessional or low-quality camera: every resource used must add up, and an image that taints the overall image of the property would be totally counterproductive.

2.2. Interactive videos

Don’t forget the main objective: we want to sell, but we want to do it in an optimal way. This means that whoever is interested in a property, knows that they are looking at a property they are very likely to invest in.

In order to do so, forget about that 20th century premise that we all loathe of disguising reality in order to sell as much as possible. Give your users what they need, and if what they need are images of the property they want to buy, go further and offer them a video of the interior so they can feel how life is lived under those four walls.

Of course, we must take into account the same good practices as if we were taking photographs, as well as the fact that it is one thing not to disguise reality, and quite another to neglect it: present everything in an orderly, clean and careful way, just as you would do on a face-to-face visit.

2.3. 360º virtual tours

And speaking of interactive resources… Isn’t there more interactivity possible when showing properties that you can walk around in each home? This is what the virtual tour software offers you, the latest in formats for selling properties.

Through these interactive 360º tours we take another step forward in the simulation of a real visit to the property: we not only see how each room is and how it is distributed, but we also situate it spatially by visiting it from our own computer.

Furthermore, these virtual tours can be integrated both into the property’s own file and into sales portals, shared on social networks… In short, increasing the channels of dissemination and making it more attractive and appealing.

3. Why use different digital strategies to sell properties

“Less is more” can be a useful pattern when talking about sector in which it was developed – architecture. But when it comes to informing us about a property, the more resources we use to convince ourselves of the suitability of a home, the greater the chances of success before the sale.

This is the premise by which different combined formats serve to sell more properties, but not the only reason why we should apply them:

  • The client minimizes his doubts about the property, reducing the consultations to the agent
  • The client filters for himself which properties are of interest, avoiding unproductive visits
  • The property finds different methods that serve to make the house visible
  • The agency finds other means to advertise its properties beyond its catalogue
  • The property increases its presence on the internet, by using different promotion channels
  • Agencies find new sales arguments to boost unattractive properties

In short, the interaction time between all the actors is reduced, optimizing the sales contacts while increasing the visibility of all the properties in which they are applied. These are two more than firm arguments for starting now to provide the files with the most suitable formats to boost transactions.