Floorfy automatically generates 2D floor plans of a property with precision and accuracy, an essential part of any property listing.

What are automatic floor plans?

These automatically generated floor plans are a scale diagram of the rooms in a property. This 2D plan of a property comes with exact measurements, and is a key element of any property listing, so that buyers can get a sense of the layout of a house.

This is one of the many tools offered by Floorfy. With your agency’s personalized watermark included, each floor plan costs 15 € and can be added to a monthly plan.

Why do we use them?

An essential part of traditional real estate marketing techniques, floor plans continue to be important in online property listings:

  • They invite your clients to put their trust in a property, offering them its precise details.
  • The floor plan works exceptionally alongside virtual visits, as the clients know exactly what to expect, and where the rooms are when they virtually ‘walk’ through a property.
  • You can your personalized watermark to the floor plan, developing your own brand.
  • The plans also allow us to create 3D renders of properties, in order to visualize what it would be like to live in them, before they are completely finished.

How are they generated?

To create a 2D floor plan of a property, all that you have to do is take 360° photographs of a property and upload them, leaving the rest to us. To learn more, check out our video ‘How to take 360° photographs of a property’, or check out our blog entry, ‘How to take 360º photos of a property for rent or for sale’.

This plan is also used to create 3D renders of properties. This is the generation of a 3D ‘dolls house’ view, which shows what a property will look like from the inside, along with providing a sense of its general layout.

For more information about how to enrich your property listings with Floorfy’s software, visit floorfy.com.