Speaking of marketing today essentially means understanding the online environment. Digital transformation is now an actual reality, a management model. And in the real estate sector it is no different. These digital marketing tips for real estate agencies will shed light on your doubts.

In fact, since digitalisation became popular with the arrival of real estate portals, digital marketing is a basic part of any sales plan that is worthwhile.

6 Digital marketing tips for your real estate agency:

Every year, marketing trends are born that work for every economic sector, and the real estate sector is no exception. Below, we leave you with the best digital marketing tips for real estate agencies to boost productivity in your agency:

  • An accessible webpage: by this we mean that your website is adapted to all kinds of devices, especially mobile phones. It is important that one can easily manoeuvre your website on a smartphone, that the buttons work properly and it is easy to contact your agency. Remember that most searches nowadays are made through this device, much more frequently than through a computer.
  • Create valuable content: an effective way to be found through Google and other search engines is through content marketing. You must create written information that is attractive, digestible and friendly to your audience. This will amplify the reach of your website and position it among the first results of search engines, which users tend to click on immediately 
  • Specific Landing Pages: landing pages are those web pages that explain a service or product and contain a contact form. The more worked on and thematised the page is to what we sell, the more efficient the advertising will be and the better the results will be.
  • Social networks for customer service: use social networks not only to promote your portfolio of properties but also to solve doubts and act as one source of contact. Include whatsapp in your contact forms because the client will thank you for it.
  • Use infographics: this will never stop being one of the most digestible, entertaining and practical ways of offering information to your users. The summarized information will make many more users read your posts, show their interest and share your information on their social networks. You only have to make sure that your infographics have the most punctual information, have a design that is in accordance with your brand and impressive and true information that is easily distributed on the Internet.
  • Invest in technology: think about the trends that arrise and include them in your client portfolio. We are talking about virtual reality, 360-degree photos, videoconferencing visits.. the more interactive it is, the more attractive it is to the client and makes your advertisements and properties stand out. In short, it facilitates information about your portfolio of properties, saves time for sellers and buyers and optimises your time.

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