360º property presentation

A good real estate agency can have well-established sales procedures, with a smooth operation and enviable times and conversions, but it will never stop looking for processes and tools that allow it to continuously increase real estate sales. In this sense, 360º property presentations are the latest revolution. How do you manage to improve the results of an agency?

Why count on 360º property presentations to increase property sales


1. Information to boost sales at a glance

2. Reduction of unnecessary time and processes

3. Improvement of the presentation of properties

4. Obtaining useful analytical data for sales strategies

5. Improving our brand presence

1. Information to boost sales at a glance

Do you know the ZMOT? ZMOT stands for “zero moment of truth”, and defines the state in which a potential customer has all the means and information to choose us as the company that will meet their needs, in this case finding a buyer for their home.

To decide on a home, we must first know its situation, its size, its distribution, see images of it, ask about it and be interested in it, arrange visits… It is not an impulsive purchase, so the closing of a transaction of this type can be extended in time in a remarkable way.

Any tool or process that reduces what is necessary to make the decision to a minimum will also reduce the time required to do so. Viewing homes in 360º allows the potential client to know at a glance everything about what it would be like to live in them: from the degree of lighting to the distribution, size or views of each window.

With this, the client would go from the initial phase to the final phase in a matter of minutes, needing only a visit to confirm expectations in order to close the sale definitively.

2. Reduction of unnecessary time and processes

As a direct consequence of the above argument, by improving the user’s shopping experience and giving them all the necessary information at a glance, we will be freeing up time for both the customer and our estate agents.

Freeing them from all the unproductive appointments made by clients with certain expectations who were disappointed upon seeing the property, our estate agents will be able to focus on closing transactions or visiting the property withclients who really show maximum interest in them (since they already know what it would be like to live in them thanks to the virtual reality software).

3. Improved property presentations

We must not forget that it is not only important how we present each property to our clients from the agency, but also the use and intial filter through which they usually contact us.

Nowadays, the internet has broken the barriers of what house-hunting used to be, which consisted of going to a nearby agency and asking for the availability of properties. Now the first filter goes through the internet and real estate portals such as Idealista or Habitaclia, where the most eye-catching properties and the agencies that best know how to advertise them will be the ones that bag the sale.

A property that offers a virtual tour of each of its rooms is much more striking than a property where we can only imagine what it is like because of the photos that agent has considered as presentable (and which do not always correspond to reality, leading to the wasted time that we referred to in the previous two points).

4. Obtaining useful analytical data for sales strategies

Any new process or tool must not only bring good results, but must also be able to provide the information that allows us to know the reason for those results. In this way, not only will we improve the sales process through the tool, but we will also know how to use the information it offers us to improve other processes.

If we detect that certain properties, in certain locations, are visited virtually by a very specific user profile, we will be able to improve the capture process by offering that type of property to that specific target.

The 360º property presentations allow us to collect this information through web analytics, whose data we can incorporate into our real estate CRM and use it, for example, to send a newsletter with the properties that fit each described profile.

5. Improving your brand presence

We must not forget that a very important factor for a client to be satisfied with our services or choose us over other agencies is the image or brand presence that we give as a real estate agency.

To which real estate agency would you entrust your flat for sale: to an agency whose first thing you see is a stand full of brochures and advertisements where your flat would be relegated in visibility to a space in a catalogue, or to an innovative agency where anyone, anywhere and anytime can see what the flat looks like through virtual reality?

It is not just a matter of captivating through the latest technology, but of showing that we care about our work and that we want a property to spend as little time as possible in the portfolio, using every tool that allows us to boost property sales.

Do you still have doubts about the competitive advantages of having 360º property presentations to increase property sales? These are only 5 of the many other advantages that, like being able to make the visits through videoconference or being able to automate the management and publication of properties, the Floorfy technology offers you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and convince yourself that you are in front of what your real estate agency needs to sell more and better.

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