1. Introduction

2. Advantages of 360º cameras for real estate

3. How to use 360º cameras for real estate

4. What 360º cameras for real estate agencies work for me

5. 4 Recommendations of optimal 360º cameras for real estate

1. Introduction

Any sector that can advance technologically will have growth prospects. Real estate companies are not the exception and incorporating techniques that improve access to listed properties from portable devices is the best way to attract clients in the 21st century.

One of these innovative techniques is the showcase of properties through virtual tours, something that can be achieved through 360º cameras. It is simple to implement and fully affordable serving not only to attract, but to convince those who seek their dream home.

Below, we will reveal everything you need to know about 360º cameras in real estate and how they will increase your client base.

2. Advantages of 360º cameras for real estate

Today, the most common method by which a client decides to visit a home of their interest is, rather than by the description (to which they will pay enough attention to know the size, number of stays, cost and location ), for the images shown of the property.

Thus, the better the quality of these images are, the more they reflect the reality of the home and the more details they show about it thus the less complementary information you will need and the more time you save.

The problem arises when the images are scarce or are not considered realistic enough by the user to be able to imagine themselves inside the property, requesting more information from the real estate agent or scheduling potentially unnecessary visits to the apartment.

The simple solution to this is to create virtual tours of the property, made possible by capturing images of it with 360º cameras. This technique does nothing short of capturing all the perspectives that can be had of a room, which are subsequently mounted in a gallery and are presented in such a way that, we can move around the property in the sequential order that we want and stop at every detail that catches our attention.

In this way, in just two or three minutes, we can tour the entire house and have the information and the perspective of its exact state as if we had visited it. This is something we can do from home, on the way to work, on the train or at the real estate agency to assure the client that they are looking at the property they want.

From all this, we could summarize that virtual tours replicate the experience of visiting a property with total realism, which avoids unproductive appointments, doubts to resolve and, ultimately, an unnecessary expenditure of time (and with it money).

Do you want you want your business to come across as a fully technological and innovative real estate agency? Have a virtual reality viewer at hand to connect your mobile to when showing properties in 360º to your clients. The experience will be totally immersive and impressive.

3. How to use 360º cameras for real estate

To get the most out of the virtual reality software, you only need a compatible 360° camera and an image editor to upload them to almost automatically in order to generate the tour.

At Floorfy we put both technologies at your disposal for your clients, so you can easily create this new way of showcasing properties yourself.

In this video, you will see how easy it is to capture the images that will form part of the tour without leaving any details behind.

Having a tripod is key for capturing every detail of the property  , as well as a 360º camera with a WiFi connection so you can instantly appreciate how each image would be viewed digitally.

Once you have captured each room in the house, you just have to upload the images made available to you by the Floorfy editor. You can do this through the following procedure:

4. Which 360º camera would work for my real estate agency?

There are two main factors that will determine the quality of the images that will make up the virtual tour:

  • Megapixels
  • The screen resolution of the video

In the first case, we are talking about cameras with a remarkable quality, those that exceed 10 MP. In the second, the average of a high-quality video is 1080p. (the maximum resolution used in high definition television, measured by lines per screen).

To help you, we have compiled information on 4 different models of 360º cameras and we have added a virtual tour in which you can see first-hand the quality and the result that each one offers you.

5. 4 recommended optimal 360º cameras for real estate use

5.1. Ricoh Theta SC

Currently, one of the brands that offers the best value for money to its users is Ricoh. Specifically, its Ricoh Theta SC model offers 12 MP for images and 1080p for videos, in addition to working when connected to WiFi, and holding space for 260 photos.

It also includes components that are suitable for capturing images of properties in 360º with a changeable shutter speed that automatically adjusts the balance of white and light tones. Something more than adequate considering that we recommend that all the windows and lights of the house are opened. 

In short, it is a camera that collects everything necessary and has every function needed to use Floorfy; its price and versatility are equally attractive.

In the following link you can see a 360º tour with a Ricoh Theta SC

5.2 Ricoh Theta V

Continuing with the Ricoh brand, the Theta V model offers a slightly higher image quality than its companion Theta SC, with 14 MP for static images and 4k for videos. It also incorporates 4 microphones that make up a 3D audio recording technology for sound effects and the option to broadcast videos that are being recorded live while maintaining 4k quality at all times.

It stands out for its speed when taking pictures and for the notable improvement in the quality of its 360-degree videos, however, this is not a necessary resource to create virtual visits, so your purchase will depend on what you wish to use it for. 

In the following link you can see a 360º Tour with Ricoh Theta V

5.3. Insta 360 ONE X

We are talking about 360º cameras that are suitable for real estate agencies, which means that they have a high enough quality and versatility to collect images from all perspectives that we will be later uploaded to create the virtual tour. But if you want a camera that in addition to fulfilling this purpose, also serves you for other more complex functions such as sports practice or any terrain of 360° photography, the Insta 360 ONE X has everything you need and more.

Sporty in concept, just as the famous GoPro was created in the field of digital photography, the Insta 360 ONE X stands out for its robustness and its magnificent integrated image stabilizer, which can prove to be very useful in real estate if a tripod is missing. 

A 7k resolution and 18MP completes the characteristics of a camera full of functionalities at a price that is somewhat higher than others.

In the following link you can see a 360º Tour with Insta 360 ONE X

5.4. Samsung Gear 360

Under the prestige of the high-quality South Korean brand, Samsung offers us in the field of 360ºcameras a model that stands out for its simplicity without affecting its performance.

With 15MP for static images and 4k for videos, it stands out for its compact nature, designed to be incorporated into the smartphone’s camera, as well as being the least expensive yet ‘reliable’ model in the field of 360º cameras.

One disadvantage of this camera is that it must be incorporated into a smartphone (which must be a high-end Samsung model if you wish to avoid compatibility problems), this therefore reduces its stability and makes the use of a tripod even more necessary for capturing quality images. The definition of MPEG4 video is also not known for being high-quality either. 

In the following link you can see a 360º Tour with a Samsung Gear 360

No matter what choice you make after researching each camera, it is guaranteed that all cameras are compatible with the Floorfy software and you will have at your fingertips the possibility of offering your clients the most innovative system there is to present properties with.